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    I have remeasured my toilets and now realize I have 11 and 1/2 inches from the wall to the toilet bolts. I've been looking at 10 inch rough in toilets and although there are some pretty good ones they are not as good as models available only in the 12" rough in such as the Toto Drake which is my first choice. Plus I've gotten quotes on these and they are more expensive than the Toto Drake. So I will be paying more to get a lower quality toilet. My question is would some of the better toilets fit with 11 and 1/2 inches? I'm mostly interested in the Toto Drake and the Briggs Vacuity. Thanks for your responses to my last question.

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    You have to measure the exact toilet or get its manufacturer's drawings, but most 12" toilets will fit on a 11 1/2" measurement, and some will even go down to 11 1/4". Are you measuring to the wall or to the baseboard?


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