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Thread: Stubbed in for a toilet

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    Default Stubbed in for a toilet

    This is probably a really stupid question but how do I know if my basement is stubbed in for a toilet. There is a pipe coming up through the floor so how can I tell if it is for a toilet. Only want to remodel the basement if we can put a bathroom down there. Thanks

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    What is the diameter of the pipe and how far is it from the wall? A toilet needs a 3 or 4" drain line and it does not have a trap (it's part of the toilet, as opposed to a shower drain or a tub drain which needs to be below it). Does this pipe have a cap on it? If so, take it off, look to see if there is any standing water (probably not). Pour some water down the pipe. Does it drain? Is there any standing water there now? Is there a vent line near the pipe coming out of the floor? If it has a screw off plug, it is most likely NOT a drain line for a toilet.v My unprofessional opinion.
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    Default toilet

    It would be better if we could see it, but if a toilet is roughed in, there would normally have to be two pipes fairly close together. One for the toilet opening and a second smaller one for the vent, (and lavatory drain).

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    If you don't want the aggravation of tearing apart the concrete floor consider a Saniflo macerating pump.


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