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Thread: 13.5" Rough In

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    Default 13.5" Rough In

    Hi - I'm installing a new Toto Ultramax and my rough in is 13.5" from the wall. Can I use the 14" Unifit? I believe the standard depth behind the toilet is 3/4" so in theory I should have 1/4" from the toilet to the wall. Any issues with this?

    This actually would be good as I need all the room I can get for the door to close, otherwise I'd have to go with a round bowl.

    Thanks for the advice!


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    The Ultramax doesn't use a Unifit adapter.

    The Carlyle will use one though.
    Just make sure with the Carlyle, that the water supply is at least 7" to the left of center.

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    Sorry I meant Carlyle, not Ultramax. Was just staring at the Ultramax before creating the post. So other than the 7" requirement for the water supply I should be ok.


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