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Thread: Water pouring from tub spout during shower

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    Default Water pouring from tub spout during shower

    I recently replaced the hot, cold, and diverter valves on my tub with a new replacement kit from ACE Hardware (new valves, washers, seats, covers,e tc) due to corrosion, leaking and water pouring from tub spout during a shower. However, when the shower is on excessive water still pours from the tub spout so the new valve did not fix this problem. What else can I do to fix this? Would a tub spout with a pull diverter fix this maybe?


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    You have somehow not installed the diverter stem correctly. Possibly the seat is bad inside the body, or possibly the back-seat washer on the stem broke while putting it in. Anyway, take the diverter apart again and you will see what's up. By the way, when inserting and removing stems, make sure they are neither fully open or fully closed....just in the middle of the range.

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    Something I noticed too when I was changing the diverter before was that when I looked to check for the seat there was just a recessed hole in the back of the valve housing, which puzzled me. The valves did not appear to have ever been pulled out before I changed them. Is that normal or could that maybe be the source of the problem? I will pull it out again and check it out.


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