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Thread: Help with Washing Machine trap/drain/vent

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    Default Help with Washing Machine trap/drain/vent

    I'm actually very good with this sort of thing in terms of the quality of my work (once someone shows me what I need to do), so I'm tackling this project myself.

    I'm moving a washer/dryer from the middle of the house to a room that backs up to a crawl space, and then an exterior wall about 3' beyond...as shown in picture.


    1. I drew this using an S trap. Is this even an option?

    2. What do I do about venting? There's living space above this area of the house, so there's fixtures etc up there, but not really any pipes nearby other than the waste line I'm bringing this to. It's not legal to use one of those little screw-in vents, right? I forget their name, but I'm almost positive they're against code. What about venting out the side of the house somehow?

    3. I can't drill straight down through the plate because there's no real support underneath that particular wall. That's a whole other thing that I dont want to get into, but can I just somewhat go out away from the wall and turn back in to my combo?


    Help with Washing Machine trap/drain/vent
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    AAVs (Studor Vents) are legal someplaces and not others...
    Where are you located?
    If you do install an AAV, you have to have it accessible for later servicing and replacement...
    And it needs access for air,
    For that reason most people use a grill access.
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    #1 needs to be a T with AAV above the T and above the flood rim by 6".

    #2 needs to be a Y.

    The whole trap, drain,and everything but the AAV and its riser need to be 2"

    The AAV and its riser can be 1.5"
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    Default washing machine drain

    I have moved a washer from a closet to a storage room. I was going to put a T midway down the wall, and 90 it up into the attic with a studor vent on top. My trap was going to be under the house. I'm wondering, does the studor vent have to go after the trap or can it go before as I'm planning.
    Thanks for any help.
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    If you're already in the attic why not tie it to an existing vent rather than use an aav. You are putting the trap in the wrong place.

    it goes like this...
    fixture, trap, drain & vent...
    why not post a picture of your revision?


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