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Thread: clogged drain tile

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    Default clogged drain tile

    my drain tiles are clogged with what I assumed is clay. I try the manual snake and have difficulty getting beyond the obstructed area. Will an electric drain cleaner/snake break up the clay in the drain tile. Most people that i have asked are not sure. Thanks, joesump

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    Default Clogged drain tile

    More input/intel may be needed here. Usually Drain tiles are buried ontop and with gravel around to limit sediment from entering them. If sediment is the cause, sure an electric may work. If the tile is broken however, unless one of our more sage members have an alternative, I see a shovel in the future. And don't get yourself buried in the process. Other things can be done to help if seepage is the problem. Make sure gutters drain away from the building and the resulting discharge flows that way too, including the sump. Banking earth slightly against the building, never higher than the concrete footing will help drainage as well. Higher than that will cause rotting of the sills and encourage plants and critters to get where you don't want them. At this point with my experience, I bow respectfully to the full timer who wears the plumber pants. Hope I've helped a little at least.
    Hang in there.


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