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Thread: MIXET shower valves

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    Use only the MS5ATC. The brass mixing head crossovers something terrible. It's hard to get only cold water thru the valve. Even in the cold position, hot water will creep thru. Get only the cartridges with the teflon head. They crossover considerably less. Spring check stops (MSPC) are still available as well, which will eliminate the crossover when the valve is off.

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    Just found this blog....and saw that several other people are having the same issues with Mixet replacement shower cartridges. I just this weekend finally got around to finding the proper Mixet valve/cartridge after going to my local Lowes and they didn't have it...my local Do It store and they were out of 'em....drove across Santa Clarita to the local Home Depot and bought 2 replacements. Went home and fitted the two new cartridges in...no problem...But, then we find we have no hot water coming out of the showers. Neither shower has the heated water as before. We took out there cartridges....made sure they were properly installed....Red Dot up. Turned the water back on....spent 3-4 hours messing with 'em. I still dont' have the hot water I had before. I called the "head plumber" guy at Home Depot. He said my hot water line was probably clogged! Really? Sooo....I take out both cartridges....turn back on the water.....let it run for 20-30 seconds in both showers....Off the house water....Re-install the cartridges. Still no hot water. I have a friend who works for the city who I call since he's in the building and permits office to ask if he's had any run ins with this. He explained to me that with the new California environmental laws that the new replacement cartridges were not adjustable and that was a by product problem.....not having the hot water as before with the new replacement cartridges. Anyone run across this? Find this to be true? I have not called my local and trusty pro plumber company yet. This was/is a new Mixet "generic" replacement that the Home Depot head guy recommended to use. Miss

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    The issue your are having with the mixet valve is most likley not the cartaige that is the problem. Its the pressure balancing spendle that cuases this problem. The spendle is either corroded and stuck or it is missing. It is located in the nut to the right of the main stem near the screwdriver shut off on the cold side. Use a stait screw driver to lossen the cap and pull it out to inspect it. It is A stainless sleave with o rings on the out side and a stainless spendle on the inside. The inside spendle must be able to move freely. If it cant it will only let cold water or hot water through. Soak it in oil or wd40 to free it up.

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