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Thread: Advice on installing effluent pump

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    Can someone give advice on installing an effluent pump in my cellar. It is an add-on cellar and the floor sits about 4' below the main sewer line. I'm guessing i shouldn't tie directly into the main line since if the check valve fails, and my sewer backs up, it would flood my cellar. I'm thinking I should tie into something like a 1 1/2" or 2" sink line from an upstairs sink. Is that correct? And if so, do I need to provide some kind of vent in the assembly or just sweep right into that sink line? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    2" discharge, 3/16" hole drilled within 6" of discharge port, 2" CI check valve.

    2" Vent minimum VTR, pump must have it's own breaker and line circuit back to the panel.

    Sealed pit lid, water-tight connections of sanitary lines to prevent ground water contamination.

    Last sewage ejector pump I installed was a Zoeller M-264 and the customer was greatly impressed with the quietness and fast cycle the pump produced.

    The latter that failed was a wayne pump that was wasting electricity by it's long cycle pattern and provided an extremely loud check valve slam.

    Zoeller 264
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