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Thread: New use for a Plumber

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    Default New use for a Plumber

    Anyone watching, The Lost Tomb of Jesus on tv? In order to break into a certain tomb, they came upon a clog in order to drop their camera into it, and they are calling in...a plumber.

    Cool, eh? New discipline (job) for a plumber: Archelogical Plumbing.
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    Maybe they will find Jimmy Hoffa instead. Is Geraldo hosting the show?

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    No. It was on the Discovery channel and was interesting.

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    Default plumber

    I guess it was convenient of someone to install a pipe in the first place in case anyone ever wanted to send a camera into the area. I am surprised Miller is not making the film. He is the king of esposÚs and conspiracies, and never lets the facts get in the way of a good story.


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