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Thread: My Tankless Experiment

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    Talking dont sound like much $$ at all

    Grumpy, if your calcualtions are correct,
    that is not too bad an expence for
    a 75 gallon with the standby piolit light included...
    sounds like about 10 bucks a week + about 40 per month
    for the BIG BOY 75....

    which for all pratical purposes, is very close to endless hot water
    for the average family....

    Personally I thought the bill would be much higher than that...

    I will check out the gas bill..

    I will check out the incomming water temp tomorow..

    and I will certainly check out the actual temp of the
    water comming out of the heater....

    you stated
    The tankless is 84% efficient as opposed to the tanks 60%.
    With a difference of 24% the tank "should" use 9.1 therms in a week for a cost of $10.01 NOT including standby.
    A difference in cost of $2.86 /week - $11.44 /month - $137.28 /year.

    judgeing by your calcualtions,
    it appears that we are really splitting hairs here,
    mighty, mighty fine hairs.........

    and the cost saveings between them seems to be more symbolic than realistic...

    can you think of anything I should be considering in this test...????

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