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Thread: My Tankless Experiment

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    Default My Tankless Experiment

    I am tired of hearing all the SMOKE and MIRRORS
    talk from the tankless salesman and am presently
    looking to install one in my own home

    then do a little experiment

    I Just went to a training seminar last night on the

    takagi tankless water heaters.......

    that was fun.......
    it felt like being at a three stooges film-fest...

    (but their was free food)

    I was not aware that when you vented one
    out the side of the house just like a power vent
    that they used a Stainless Steel single wall
    vent pipe..... and it died outside just like a
    power vent with a metal Tee with screens on
    both ends .......

    Now the odd thing that the salesman tried to gloss
    over was the fact that the actual temperature of
    the tee and out going gases can hit about
    300 degrees.... folks...you can fry bacon on that!!

    they let you take this out the roof of your house
    in single wall SS pipe too!!

    I think that this temp could set the Attic on fire some day
    or the , bushes or leaves on fire
    on the side of the house....

    I feel you should use double or triple wall flu
    pipe if you want to avoid future problems

    probably most local codes would force tou to beef up that vent pipe...

    Have you ever burnt yourself on a motor cycle muffler
    or a lawnmower muffler???

    We asked what happened if a kid, wife or dog touched
    this hot as hell vent pipe ????

    BRANDING someone on this tee is very possible with the
    side house outlet at about knee height..........

    I was told that is what you got insurance for.....

    skin graphs for the dog, wife, and neighbor kids should all be covered
    by your insurance company......

    no problem

    so I was not too impressed....LOL

    So I think I will install one in my own home
    and do an on-going experiment on it.....

    Waiting to see if I can get a heavy duty Takagi
    from my supplier then slap it on the wall for

    I am looking for a couple of small in line gas meters right now..

    then I am gonna hook it up right next to my 75 gallon
    BRAD-FORD WHITE...install a bypass on the plumbing system

    install the small gas meters to both of the heaters

    and do an experiment to see which one works best
    and actually is more economical over a certain time period....???

    I already have a one inch line with a 3/4 outlet less than
    5 feet away...

    I have a full 12 inch tile chimmney going out the roof......
    the vent is easy as pie and will not factor into the R+D

    so it should not be brain surgery to set these up with a bypass


    I presently have a NORTIZ unit new in the box but I dont know how good that brand is...

    model #VP-4-36str would anyone know how good this one is???

    http://www.noritz.com/n069mdv.html its considered middle of the road.... supposed to supply 6.9 gal per minute

    Lets see....here is my criteria

    incomming water right now is about 45......

    I got two kids and a very -----HIGH MAINTAINCE WIFE-----

    we have three bathrooms --one bath-tub rarely gets used,

    one is a bath---6ft X36 whirlpool tub- it gets used a lot.

    two kitchen sinks , one dishwasher,

    one laundry and laundry tub

    technically its a 2 1/2 bathoom house......

    again the wife is -----HIGH MAINTIANCE------

    and she is not going to put up with a lot of sh/t.
    so how do you factor the wife into the experiment.?????

    here are the safety instructions for the Nortiz unit I presently have

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