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Thread: Heat then not heat in one room.

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    Default Heat then not heat in one room.

    I have a friend who has a small colonial in Boston. It has forced hot water for heat, the boiler is a very old peerless, it's oil-fired.
    There are 3 zones on the boiler, and 2 circulators for all 3 zones. the circulators are on the return side of the boiler. 1 for six rooms which have cast iron radiators and they work very well. The other 2 zones are on the same circulator and the zone valves t off, one going to the basement and the other going to a bathroom right above the basement and a room on the 1st floor of the house which is basically a deck that has been enclosed.
    They are not concerned about the basement, they're never down there and they have the thermostat to that zone shut off and the lines are isolated.
    However the bathroom and deck type room don't seem to stay heated up no matter how many times you bleed them.
    You turn on the thermostat to the room and the circulator kicks on and the zone valve opens and you have heat for about an hour and then it goes cold.
    The water pressure for the boiler is about 15 psi and the boiler temp. is 180.
    there are no bleeder valves on the baseboard heat which is looped over the top itself. The baseboard is 3/4" yet the feeds are 1/2" as well the returns.
    I've bled these line on the return in the basement about 25 times and they get hot but don't stay hot,, should I put a bleed valve on the return up in the room?

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    is it a venturie system? Btw I`m in MA too.

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    What's happening when the room's getting cold?

    T'stat reading?
    Boiler firing?
    Circ. running?


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