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    Iím currently under a home warranty. I had a prior service call in Dec 06 and the tech found nothing wrong but stated to the warranty company that my unit was improperly installed and needs to have an outside thermostat. Iíve looked at all the literature and could find no mention of this unit having or needing an outside thermostat. I now need a service call and the warranty company is stating that the unit is improperly installed and will not honor the warranty.

    I have a Bryant 663CJ030 Heat Pump AC unit that was installed in 1999. I'm in DFW, Texas.

    What can I do?

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    I am not a heating guy.

    He might be talking about an outdoor reset temperature control. This is used by the system to raise or lower the temperature of the circulating heat transfer material (e.g. water). It improves the efficiency of the system. But you have a heatpump that does airconditioning so I am assuming that the heating is also forced air.

    The only fluid that could be controlled is the one internal to the heat pump. You can't control the temp, just the volume of flow. If you have a continuous variable speed compressor, or maybe a mnultispeed, there mught be something useful to do with outdoor reset. If you can find the manual for the unit it might explain this feature (if it exists).

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    I am a Bryant dealer.
    First, to quote the Bryant book: "This unit must be installed with a TXV on the indoor coil. The FC4 and FK4 indoor fancoil come factory equipped with a bi-flow TXV. When installed in this application, no further change is required. If any other indoor fan coil or furnace coil is used, and accessory bi-flow TXV must be installed".

    Bryant does offer OPTIONAL equipment for the heat pump you have. Outdoor thermostat KHAOT0301FST and Secondary Outdoor Thermostat KHAOT0201SEC. But I am not aware of them being required at all and it is not written anywhere and would not affect the warranty. BTW the unit has a 5-year limited warranty on the compressor.

    The Outdoor Thermostat description says: An SPDT temperature actuated switch which turns on supplemental electric heaters when outdoor air temperature drops below set point. Suggested use: Heat pump installations with multiple-stage supplemental heaters.
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    See if you can down load the info and then FAX it to them. What warranty company is it?


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