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    I paid $4000 for a copper repipe. The contractor replaced all the pipes under the house but he said the main pipe outside of the house is not part of the repipe package. Is this true?

    Now he is asking for $3500 to replace the 1" pipe that runs underneath my lawn from the sidewalk to the outside of my house.

    Thanks for any replies.

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    It all seems high to me but I am no plumber.

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    Default main

    It depends on how he specified it in the contract. It could be either way depending on the exact wording, although just saying "repiping" would imply inside the house but again it is subject to interpretation or the actual wording. It appears to be high, but we do not know what size, how long, how deep, or what is in the way.
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    It's so hard to say whether that $4000 pricetag is high or not. I've charged that much for repiping waterlines and I've charged less. It really depends on what all was involved, how many feet of copper, how tight the workspace was, etc. etc.

    On the subject of the water service coming into the house, it really does depend on what the contract reads. I always bid outside and inside work separately as a general rule, but thats me. I'm sure other plumbers do things differently.

    good luck

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    I'm not a plumber, but as a homeowner I would not expect the supply line to be included in a repipe unless I asked for it and it was called out in the bid specifically.

    For what it's worth, I just paid a little over $2,000 for a new supply line. I agree that both jobs are highly variable by what exactly needs to be done.

    Not much help. That said, the outside line sounds high. How long a run is it?

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    I'm with the other plumbers.

    A "repipe" means replacing the pipes in the home.
    Even that depends on the language of the contract.
    Not everything may be included, but should be spelled out.
    In a contract, I will specify the old fitting I'm starting from.
    My preference is to replace pipe to every valve, and in most cases replacement of the tub and shower valves. Not every homeowner wants that though.
    A nice job is to add an expansion tank, hammer arrestors at the dishwasher, clothes washer, and ice maker. New code on shower faucets is for them to be pressure balanced or thermal balanced.

    Outside work would be a "water service replacement".

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