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Thread: insulating around recessed lighting

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    Default insulating around recessed lighting

    I have recessed lights in the bulkhead of my kitchen I can fill the cold air dropping right out of them I checked in the attic above them and there was no insulation in the bulk head is it safe to insulate around them or could this cause fire?? thanks for the help

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    Check the labeling on the fixture to see if it's rated for "Insulation Contact" oc "IC".

    If not, assume you have to keep insulation 3" away.

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    If they aren't IC rated, you could replace them or build a box around them with an air gap, then insulate over them. You might want to check with the manufacturer as to the required minimum air gap. After doing all of that, it might be just as easy to replace with a sealed IC rated fixture - these not only can have insulation over them, they are sealed so they don't leak air. An IC rated one is not necessarily also sealed, so check carefully. One I was actually looking at last night was rated at no more than 2 CF/hour infiltration, which is decent.
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    What you really want is fixtures designaed ICAT .... insulation contact, air tight. The air tight fixtures are sealed agains air loss or infiltration.


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