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Thread: American Standard Cadet 3 Three Toilet consumer product review

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    Best bang for the buck.

    Ian, Only if time is not important.
    For a plumbing contractor to send out a truck, with the hope of paying bills at the end of the month, and providing a living wage for the plumber, means that they don't do the trip twice. We install all brands, however, second trips are killing to any business.
    If you like spending time at the return counter, Knock your self out.

    Jamie put in a home center cadet 3 for a friend of his, the tank lid came chipped from the factory
    We sell a few thousand toilets a year, and do installation in the Seattle area. Sometimes we even go out to the Islands.
    We can't be bothered with "returns"
    A homeowener can stand in line at the return counter all weekend, and that's fine.
    But making two trips on a ferry? Never!
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