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Thread: American Standard Cadet 3 Three Toilet consumer product review

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    Quote Originally Posted by nashkato View Post
    For anyone needing a 10" rough-in, the Cadet 3 is a good choice. I'm happy with the flush performance and you can't best the 1000 on the MaP tests. Mine does not splash. It was a little tricky to find what I needed. I wanted round front and regular height since this would be used by my young children. I went with 2384.010 (3011 bowl, 4019 tank). To get this I had to buy a white bowl from Lowes (HD had only elongated or bone for RF) and the tank from HD. Neither store had both! Total cost was only about $130. Note that HD is selling the tank as for a 12" "compact elongated" but it works in several applications. (Thank goodness for the AS website to know the exact model numbers.) I put a Champion round "EverClean" seat on it (5285) because I wanted to stick with AS and it was the only choice in stores. Seems OK not special.

    I needed a 10" rough-in unit and this was about the only thing I could get without special ordering and/or spending a bundle. For instance, I had a new Kohler Wellworth in my last house (which was fair not great). Since they make a 10" Wellworth I thought I might try that--too much money and special order for mediocre performance. I prefer to buy at my indy plumbing supply house vs HD/Lowes but they don't stock AS. I had already purchased a Toto Drake from them before measuring the rough (doh!) so that will go in another bathroom now (the others do have 12" rough!). Also, I had to add 1" of flange spacers and do some mortar repair around the flange due to the hack job by the original builders, so I was nervous about using the Toto adapters to make something else fit the 10" space.

    Can someone tell me what the item number is for the home depot 4019.016 bowl he is reffering to? Im guessing its around 70 bucks from his total cost here. I just want to be able to go pick it up or get lowes to price match it.

    From what I found out the tank is 112.50 from both lowes and home depot. The bowl is 61 from lowes. That is 173.50+tax so kinda far from the $130 Derek quoted above me.
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