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Thread: Dual Dishwasher Installation

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    Question Dual Dishwasher Installation

    Maybe this topic has been covered on the forum previously but I haven't been able to find it. I am building a new house and want to install two dishwashers - one on each side of the kitchen sink. It may sound like we're lazy but my wife and I thought it would be an interesting idea to store clean dishes in one and load the dirty dishes in the other and then alternate running them. A dishwasher cost about the same as a 24 inch wide base cabinet, especially if you find a new one on ****. I plan to install two air gaps but am wondering how to plumb the air gaps to the inlet on the disposal. Any ideas would be appreciated. By the way, this is a very good forum.

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    Default dw

    ONe to the disposer and the other to a "branch tailpiece" under the other sink's drain fitting.

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    2 cents:

    Buy an appliance on e-bay, you get what you pay for. And who do you complain to when it breaks, or doesn't come with all the parts? With no receipt ( from a real store) any warranty would be base on serial #. I assume any item on e-bay already has some ge on it.

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    Talking dual inlet airgap

    Just use a dual inlet airgap, one less hole in the sink, and just one connection to the garbage disposal. Used them a couple times for dual dishwashing drawers.

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    Default Dual Dishwashers

    Thanks for the info Clayton. I didn't know that a dual inlet airgap was even made. I guess I'll have to start looking for one. HJ, I was originally considering your suggestion but thought you would want the discharge from the dishwasher to go though the disposal in case there were food residue to be ground up. Isn't that why all disposals (or at least every one I have seen) have a dishwasher inlet?

    By the way, a lot of stuff sold on **** is sold by retail dealers and comes with a full warranty - you just have to be careful when you buy. Of course, if I was concerned about my ability to repair appliances, what would I be doing on a forum for plumbing repair?


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