In my basement I need to cut and jack hammer about 10' of 4" concrete slab to replace 50 year old CI drain pipe. It is all gray water from the kitchen and laundry that comes over to the drain pit under the basement bath tub. In the process of converting/remodeling basement bath I removed old enamaled steel tub. This is when I noticed black pea gravel and foul musty smell from leaking/broken drain line. The connection at the bath tub drain was a banded coupling to black ABS drain pipe (ABS must have been added later after initial house construction since I can see where the floor has been cut and patched before).

My questions:

Rent diamond saw and electric jack hammer?

Could I just use a diamond blade in a portable circular saw?

Build a tent to encapsulate dust from both operations?

Score concrete or cut it all the way through completely?

Use PVC pipe or continue with ABS?

I don't see ABS pipe at the "Big Box" stores, any reason?

Thanks, Dan