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Thread: Dangerous heating season

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    Default Dangerous heating season


    The link is to an article about a house fire in Waynesburg, PA which killed 7 people yesterday. The central heat was out and they were using some kind of space heaters.

    This emphazises the dangers inherent in heating, and especially in temporary or jury-rigged set ups.

    This is the reason we can sometimes be a little testy on that subject!

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    Jimbo, I applaud you in bringing up the subject at this time of the year. The reporters did their job in telling the story, but, they could had, should had, gone a step further and reminded people of certain importances with heating systems, alarm systems, and whatever else, can save a life.

    No better investment than a smoke alarm, and having your furnace cleaned and checked, am I right on this? And, being very careful with space heaters.

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    I didn't bother reading the story... I hear it so many times EVERY YEAR...and people just keep on doing it! My mom has some old rental houses. I had one tennant in one of them who had gone in the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning because she brought in a gas powered generator to run her appliances when the power went off. While in mom's rental house she wouldn't pay the deposit to have the gas turned on so she heated with a "kerosun" heater. She complained to me that her and her 5 kids were always sick and didn't feel good. After she moved out I had to completely clean and repaint the whole house because of the soot on the walls. I'm amazed that she made it out alive. It seems that with all the news stories and warnings we should never hear of these tragedies but they continue to happen.

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    When you weigh how many people there are against, how many warnings there are, it just still isn't enough. That is why, when I am given a chance, I take it, and I wish more people would do the same. It would save more lives. I hate it when I hear those stories.


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