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Thread: galvanized vs. poly well pipe?

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    Default galvanized vs. poly well pipe?

    I am about to have replaced a deep well submersible 2 HP pump. I don't know the exact depth, but given HP rating, probably 300 feet plus. Current pipe is probably galavanized. Since they have to pull it anyway, I am going to replace the pipe.
    What are the pros and cons of galvanized vs poly? I don't mind the cost differential, all the $$ is going to be in the labor etc, and I want to do it the best/right way.
    Anything else I should have them do as well? (besides replacing check valves). Should they replace the electrical line?

    One other thing: I did have some pinholing in my 30 year old copper feeder pipes in the house. I assume this was from minerals and hardness/low ph (raw water is ph 6 and 4.2 hardness). (the problem was on the feeder lines before the water treatment system). Will galvanized react the same way? In other words, if I had this problem with copper, should that be an argument for poly?

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    Use the 160 or 200 psi poly. no joints, no corrosion, and you can possibly pull it by hand


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