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Thread: Replacing hot water baseboard heating

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    Default Replacing hot water baseboard heating

    Our old, battered, chipped and rusted hot water baseboard heaters have got to go! As far as I can see, the pipes and fins are fine and the units operate with no problem. Is it possible to replace just the metal unit surrounding the pipe and fins? I took off the front cover, but the rest of it seems to be embeeded into the wall. Is it possible to somehow pull this out without removing the whole unit?


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    The covers are normally just nailed/screwed to the wall. You'll have to better describe the details of "embedded", or better yet, post a picture.

    The big boxes and plumbing supply houses sell "empy" covers for just the thing you want to do.

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    I don't have a pic at the moment, but it looks like they installed the baseboard, and then drywalled (actually, mud and lathe) directly above it so the baseboard is slightly recessed (maybe 1/4") into the wall. Nice that it doesn't still out too far into the room but will be a PITA to try to pull out just the dummy cover without disturbing the pipe and fins. Is it even possible to do this or do I just call an HVAC guy to replace the whole unit?

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    Default covers

    It sounds like it will be a PITA to remove them, and then you need a new cover with the same dimensions. The pipe supports on the cover will also cause you grief when you try to get them out of the way so the cover will slip off, not to mention the problem trying to get the new ones between the fins to support the pipe.

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    Your best bet is probably to deal with a painting contractor to refinish the separable pieces in the shop and do the others in place. Paint remover and rust resisting primer followed by finish should do the job.

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    Default Baseboard Heater Covers

    You could always try this solution;
    Looks pretty easy to me.
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    Default Baseboard covers

    I purchased a few baseboard covers They were shipped to my door in a few weeks. I couldn't be happier!
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    Today I put a new cover assembly in w/out replacing the actual heating element & it was a PITA. I did not want to drain the system & sweat a new element in, complicated by fact it was in a small bathroom (a 30" Slant Fin unit). Due to being in the bathroom, the outside sheet metal parts were beyond saving. Trouble is the clips that hold the front sheet metal to the assembly that goes against the wall has to be inside the elbows that takes the copper down to the basement. There was one on each side. So I had to slightly bend the clips, which caused them to fit into the sheet metal less than perfectly. If this photo comes out, this is the unit:

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