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Thread: GFCI and lighting in bathroom

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    Default GFCI and lighting in bathroom

    I am updating my bathroom and had 2 questions:
    1. Should the lighting in a bathroom be on the GFCI cicuit for the bathrrom. My bathrroms are not wires that way and I can't imagine that I want the lights to go out if a GFCI short is detected in an outlet.

    2. I am replacing the sink/vanity and flooring. I am installing a tile floor. I assume the vanity/sink go in first and the tile installed after that. Is that correct?
    Thanks, Gary

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    Default Gfci

    I would not wire the light through the GFCI for that very reason. If you like cutting tile and having a grout line around the sink that separates as the wood expands and contracts, then tile after the sink is installed. Tiling first is easier, looks better, and does not create any problems if you ever decide to change the sink, such as converting to a pedestal lavatory.

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    Code (in my area at least) is that you can run the whole bathroom on one 20amp circuit. You can wire it in such a way (pigtails off the back of the GFCI outlet) that your power source that continues on to the lights, etc. w/o being affected by the GFCI outlet tripping.


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    Thanks for the help & advise.
    Why a 20A in the bathroom? I was going to do a 15A 14 gauge wire?

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    As I understand it is primarily due to the draw that hair dryers have...in the neighborhood of 1,400 watts I believe. You need to check w/ your city/county to be sure what code is...i'd imagine you'll find that they require a 20amp circuit be run for bathroom GFCI. As I mentioned, in my area, you can run a whole bathroom on one 20amp circuit...you aren't required to dedicate the whole circuit to just the one CFCI outlet.



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