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Thread: Toilets Bubbling and wont flush right

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    Default Toilets Bubbling and wont flush right

    Hi Guys

    I rent my apartment. I have 2 bath rooms, both , toilets kept bubbling, then front bathroom toilet over flowed, I noticed when I plunged the toilet, water was flying out the bath room sink....The plumber came ask us if anything might have fell in the bowl I said no... He snaked both bowls and every seemed fine for a fews days. It was ok for a few days then over flowed too many times. I shut off water and used back bath room, then it started to over flow too. Now I have no bathroom , I used the back bathroom today and it flushed right, but 2 hours later it was back to rising waters, and it almost over flowed. My landlord said her tolilet ( she is on seconf floor) to now is acting up and wont flush right. Does any one have any idea what the problems could be....I swear i get lots of bubbles in the toilets when the washing machine is on, but i do get them when machine is off to....I too get bubbles in one toilet when the otther is flushed...

    This house is old, since i moved in 3 years ago the bathroom tub doesnt drain right, when taken a shower i am in water up to my ankles and it takes for ever to drain, plumber said the pipes are very small and narror . The plumber that comes ia a certificted plumber but a friend of the landlord and only does small jobs for her, he told he after he sanked it and didnt see any blockages its going to be a bigger job, any ideas. It so hard to find a good plumber who charges appoperaitely.


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    There's a partial clog somewhere in the line. It is letting some flow by, but slowly. It could be numerous things - roots, a kink in the line, a collapsed line (especially on an old house, it could be tile drain lines which are more prone to letting roots in or cracking and collapsing).

    A drain cleaning attempt all the way to the main line in the street seems called for. If they can't get a snake through, or find a lot of roots, it may be time for a new line.
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    Get a different plumber.

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    We need to know if you are on a septic tank or city sewer?

    I agree with plumber1 also, get a different plumber who can tell you what is needed.
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    Thanks for all your advice. Some plumber came today and they got a lot of roots out of the sewer line. And it smelled horrible. There is a big bg tree right in front of the house, right where the sewer line is.

    I was wondering, if your a plumber and you clean the sewer line/pipe in my basement and you get roots out do you stick a sticker in the customer basement for the next plumer or service person to see. The plumber said some one was here , and i couldnt see what the sticker said , but there was an old old old sticker placed on the wall. When i went back down to read it, the old sticker was gone and a new one put up by him....

    Also he got a lot of roots out but he said he still could feel some in there. He uses what llok like ot me a big big snake .... It was like in a huge bowl and it winded up....The toilets are working great, did laundry and heard no bubbling.

    He said the next step would be to put a camera down the pipe, which cost 400.00

    He also mentioned snaking/rooter rootering once a year.

    He said it would cost about 15-20 thousand dollars to cut up the street and put in need pipe sand then get rid of the tree.

    But how much is the citys responsiblity, the plumber says none.... But the tree belongs to the cityEVEN IF YOU CUT THE TREE ISNT TRUE THE ROOTS STILL FROW FOR YEARS AND YEARS

    Thansk again for listening and help.....

    Any way what to say what my Landlord next step should be.

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    I would never recommend sabotaging the tree to kill it to stop the roots from growing... and I wouldn't call a plumber to snake out a line that was operating okay....but I would call when things started to run slow, not when the whole shebang was totally stopped up. All the prices sound a bit high but that depends on where you're located. If the pipe is broken then it needs to be fixed... the only way to know that for sure is to look at it either from outside the pipe or inside of it.


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