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Thread: Help with rough-in and dwv plan

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    Default Help with rough-in and dwv plan

    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning a new bathroom on what currently is a den at the rear of my 1.5 storey home. I have a good idea of how I am going to drain the waste however the dwv plan is puzzling me. If you look at the sketch I will start at the toilet with a 3" pipe travel west and catch the shower then travel north intercepting the 1.5" vanity drain and then outlet to the stack. The plumbing will all be completely exposed in the laundry room in the basement. My problem is running the vents. I'm not a plumbing expert but understand the principals. The joists all run east and west and therefore what im thinking of doing is running the vents straight up the walls and then cutting into the joists to run through them and eventually tie into the stack. Now there is a bathroom directly above this one so I plan to tie in at a high location on the stack. Does this sound right to anyone? Is there an easier way to do this?

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