Sorry for the long post but wanted to make sure I gave all pertinent details...

I've just moved my whole house RO system to another location. The RO system is working great & dumping the good water into my 300 gal atmospheric storage tank. But in the process I cut out & tossed a pipe section at that tank that I now think had a check valve in it. When I fired the pump up it worked fine until it shut off & then water rushed back into the tank.

My pump is a 1/2 hp StaRite PNC1 shallow well jet pump to pump out of the storage tank & pressurize a captive air tank that feeds the house. The water level in tank is 6' when full. The pump sits 4' off ground level.

I've got a 1" PVC suction pipe on the pump. To get the system back up & running, I placed a brass 1" check valve next to the tank and it seems to be working. This may or may not be a temporary fix.

I question whether a 1" check valve is the right size for a 1" line. It seems like the check valve itself, even when open, constricts the 1" down considerably thus limiting the amount of water moving thru the pipe & to the pump. I'm wondering if I should install a 1 1/4" or bigger check valve so that the 1" line is able to stay full of water. I think the piece I threw out had a larger check valve than the piping...although when I threw it out I was unaware there was a valve in it...oops!

Can anyone tell me what size valve I should have in there given my setup?

Also, should it be a brass or plastic valve?

And lastly, should I use a foot valve or check valve? Someone told me to use a foot valve but I fail to see the need given the fact that the water in the tank is clean...what we shouldn't be anything that needs to be filtered out.

Thanks for the help...I really appreciate any help I can get!