I am having some problems with my pump and pressure switch. It was drawing air, I replaced my footvalve and that problem cleared. Things went well for a while, then it wouldn't go any higher on the gauge than 23 lbs, pump ran continuously. I have been told not to go above 20 pounds as a low start, why is this? If I had the pump start at 35-40 and high limits at 55 or so, the pump may run more times but would run shorter times.
Also, when I loosened the tube to the pressure switch until water came out, did this a couple times, got the pressure up. So I assume that there is some debris that got loose during my first problem. So I guess my question is the easiest way to clean that tube and readjust my switch? There is no cover on the pressure switch, so I am not sure which is high and low. It appears to be square d , is a 1/2 horse 110 volt ao smith goulds pump.
Didn't mention that this is on a driven well point, about 25', 3/4" plastic inside a 1 1/4" pipe. Pump seems to run too long between high/low, about 4 minutes. Never runs out of water, doesn't pump dirt.