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Thread: How to rough in tub filler?

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    Default How to rough in tub filler?

    I've got to rough in for the tub filler, which is a 1042BP Newport Brass with a 3/4" female end on the back. I don't have the actual equipment yet, it's on order, so I don't rightly know how I'm supposed to install it.

    It looks like I'm supposed to install a 3/4" female fitting inside the wall, and then use a brass nipple to connect the two.

    My question is, how do I do this correctly? If I'm not dead-on on the rough-in, which requires knowing how thick the wall+tile is, then I could end up having a fully tight tub filler with a gap between it and the wall. Or, I could have it hit the tile before being fully tight, or hit the tile and not be facing the right way!

    I do a lot of home repair and construction around my house, but it usually is of the "make it up as you go along" kind and not so much the precision work.

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    It can be really tough. I ran into a similar problem. The installation had a little leaway, and if the wall hadn't been bowed requiring it to be flattened first prior to tiling, it would have worked out. The fitting was either too short or with the extensions available, too long. It really depends on the specifics of your fixture, some offer more flexibility than others. Sometimes you can download the installation instructions on the web which should help, but sometimes, you just need it in hand. Sometimes, if it is a threaded connection, you can adjust the "tight" point by adding an extra wrap or two of teflon tape. The inlets are more critical than the outlets, since they are under pressure, while the tub filler spout normally isn't (unless it has the divertor in it!). Wish I could help more, I'm not a pro...
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