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Thread: Cleaning a stained fiberglass tub

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    Default Cleaning a stained fiberglass tub

    Hi, I have a fiberglass whirlpool in my home that is 20 years old and over the years, it has become stained. I've tried many products but none seem to work. Is the only solution to re-finish it or is there a product on the market that really works? I've seen ads for "do-it-yourself" fiberglass tub refinishing (costing roughly $80-$100), do you know if these products work and is it difficult to get excellent results? Or is it time to call in a professional?

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    When the gel coat is gone from fibreglass, there is no "bringing it back" . It needs to be refinished, which is best left to a professional who has all the tools, respirator equipment, and supplies.

    You can buy brush-on finishing kits in the store, and then you get a tub that looks like it was painted with a brush/

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    I've never tried it on a tub..but we're talking the same material as on boats, gelcoat.... there are a few polishes on the market which are pigmented to bring back the original color. I used a blue one on an old ford probe and it did a pretty good job. I'm sure they make a white one also. I've used several similar polishes on old boats too. Might be worth a try.


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