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Thread: Leaky Utility Sink / Odd Setup for Washer

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    I have a strange, leaky setup in my laundry room that I would like to repair and update. Looking for advice on the best way to address it. Here is my setup: There is a hot and cold line running out of the wall, with pipes running from them directly to a leaky old faucet. The faucet is attached to my utility sink. Also running from the hot and cold lines is a second set of pipes that have shut off valves and lines running to my washing machine. To make this a little more complicated, my washing machine drains into the utility sink. The pipes and handles for the washing machine are directly above the faucet, which (a) makes it hard to access the faucet and (b) causes confusion as to which handle to turn when turning on the water for the sink. Is there a standard setup that I could follow when I replace all of the old piping and leaky items? See attached photo. Thank you!
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