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Thread: type M copper for residential water supply

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    Default type M copper for residential water supply

    I just ran new plumbing for my bathroom using tye M copper 3/4 and 1/2.
    A plumber just told we type M is not code for my area and I should have used type L. He also said not to freak out because type M is ok.

    After research I see that M is code for NY but not in my town. Also pressure rating is 700psi for 200 degrees as copared to 1000psi for type L.

    Does it really matter for a residential system operating at 80psi?

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    It's not the pressure, it may be more to do with the corrosiveness of the local water.

    Though I've found that fittings will spring leaks too.

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    that was my next question lookstome like the standard fittings are of the same thickness of type M. Are there different thicknesses on fittings?

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    Default fittings

    No. And if the water is going to attack type "M", it will do it with "L" also, it will just take a little longer to start leaking.


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