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Thread: hot water luke warm in morning when heat kicks on

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    Default hot water luke warm in morning when heat kicks on

    Hi -

    We have an upstairs shower/bath combo and the hot water is luke warm at times even with the knob turned all the way to hot. We have a new hot water heater and a new tub/shower. We had this problem even with our old tub/shower and old hot water heater. Could it be a gas issue? I haven't tested - but this problem seems most prevalent in the morning - when our heat goes up to 70 (after being at 60 all through the night). But that's also when we take most of our showers - in the morning - so I don't know at what times of the day we exactly have this problem. Sometimes the water seems to be hot and "normal" - othertimes - just luke warm.

    Our hot water heater temp is within normal range - in fact it was turned up a bit so our dishwasher works better.

    I don't know if this water temp thing is throughout the whole house but of course we just seem to notice it in the shower.

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    Does the person taking the first shower in the morning experience the problem in the first two minutes of the shower?

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    we experience the problem during the entire duration of the shower - i.e. it never gets much warmer than luke warm even if you've been in the shower after 5 minutes. but other times of the day, you can turn the shower on and it will be normal as expected (hot enough for a hot shower).


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