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Thread: Toto - SanaGloss

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    Question Toto - SanaGloss

    Hi all, VERY thankful to have found this site . I am very interested in the Toto Ultramax, or possibly the Drake. I would really like the SanaGloss option, but I need the color to be Sedonia Beige which doesn't appear as an option in either model. Does the SanaGloss make that big a difference? I really don't care for the Carlyle's skirt (don't think it would work with my water supply anyway), which seems to be the only model with SanaGloss in beige. Never realized buying a toilet would be so complicated!

    My initial local shopping trip presented me with the Kohler Wellworth or the American Standard Champion. After reading the "Maximum Performance Testing of Popular Toilet Models" report referenced on Terry's site, I flushed those two models right down the drain!

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    The Sanagloss is nice, but not a must.

    Toto does make the Vespin two-piece toilet with the skirt.
    The water supply needs to be 7" to the left of center.


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