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Thread: Elongated Square Front Seat

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    Default Elongated Square Front Seat

    Hi All -
    I got myself a nice, 30 year old, one piece toilet. It needs a replacement seat. The shape of the bowl is unique, it is elongated with the front edge kinda squared off. Any ideas on where I could find some thing like this? The old seat has a manufacturers mark of Solid KK Plastic.

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    It sounds like your toilet is probably a Kohler Rochelle. I know that particular toilet was discontinued years ago, although I have no clue on the availability of replacement seats. I have seen sites that have repair parts for the inside of the tank.

    I'm sure someone with more knowledge will see your post and have an answer for you.

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    Default Wow $$$

    Thanks for your input. I nearly fainted when I saw the $152.50 price tag

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    That's the thing with the Rochelle. It's a very attractive piece of plumbing but repair parts are very expensive and the seat should be made of solid gold at that price!

    I did some further research and found the Rochelle seats in plastic at roughly the same price. It could be that you can order the seat through Lowe's or The Home Depot and get a better price. It seems that they get a discount over ordering directly from the manufacturer. Good luck!
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