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Thread: Ejector Pump Venting/Installation

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    Default Ejector Pump Venting/Installation

    I installed a Zoeller Ejector pump in my basement for my new slop sink. My question is in regards to the venting. My main stacks are not accessible in the basement. The only access to the main stack would be to connect in the attic or run an independent stack. I was hoping to wait until the spring to do this. I purchased an automatic vent which I thought would connect to the 2" vent connection on the pump and take care of the draining of my sink and stop any odors from escaping. I would assume this is not the case because with it connected, the sink does not seem to drain. Am I using the wrong application? I am a novice when it comes to drain systems.

    I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion to temporary venting this sink with the use of an auto vent or some other means for proper sink operation.

    Thank you in advance!


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    Since that unit lets air into the system but not out, when you drain your sink, there is no way for the air in the system to be displaced by the water so the water cannot drain. You need to find a way to get the vent open to the atmosphere so the air can be expelled when water enters the drain system.

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    Default Ty

    Thank you for the information. Makes total sense!



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