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Thread: Toilets bubble then dont flush...

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    Default Toilets bubble then dont flush...

    Both toilets bubble in the morning...then about the 3rd shower of the am... the water almost goes out of the toilet! When flushed, they rise to the top
    and then slowly go down to normal, THEN they flush ok the rest of the day!
    The shower water also wont drain (sometimes!) during this event, and
    the kitchensink water will also not drain...then it is back to normal like
    nothing is wrong...
    Could it be a blocked vent problem or a root problem! This is one time
    i wish we could have see through pipes!!!!!!!!! By the way, there is no
    sewage smell at all in the house...the washing machine is now
    draining to the outside ground for the time being...but they still do
    this little song and dance every morning!
    A neighbor said that maybe leaves or the remains of a small animal
    may be the culprit in the vent ....could it be?


    We have city sewage..by the way, no septic tank?

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    Sounds to me you have a blockage in the drain. Obviously, it is not fully blocked, since it drains, it just drains slowly. I don't believe a vent problem would cause the problem you are seeing. Note, I'm not a pro.
    Jim DeBruycker
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