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Thread: I need to add post-slab floor drain

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    Default I need to add post-slab floor drain

    I need advice on the best way to add a floor drain which will be under a counter, and would run to connect to existing PVC pipe behind wall. Photo attached.

    I assume a cement saw and jack hammer will be involved - Can this be done, or is it too lofty a goal? We want an espresso machine to drain into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javanut
    Can this be done, or is it too lofty a goal? We want an espresso machine to drain into it.
    As long as time and money are not deciding factors, nearly anything can be done! Is this expresso machine needing to be sitting as an island in the middle of the floor? With all that plumbing on the wall, I would look for a simpler way to connect to an existing drain ...

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    You won’t have a lot of water out of that drain. Have you thought about the pumps that they make for restaurant ice makers? You could run it up to the ceiling and then to a drain. But if you were putting your power in the floor then this would not work. You can get the pumps at lows

    You could do it in 6 hours with a good concrete saw form a rental store. You the fun part would be when you hit the wall. An 8” trench and cut the blocks to 12 inches long. Use a large hammer and chisel to pop the peaces free and once you got out the first chunk the rest are not so bad.

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    Maybe this would work and save you a lot of problems.


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    Default drain

    I assume this is not a "post tensioned" floor. The easiest way would be to cut a slot in the floor about 2" deep and install a small pumped drain line along with your electric pipes.

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    Thumbs up Thank you all, very much!

    You have helped me immeasurably!


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