Can anyone advise me on installing an effluent pump in my new below-grade cellar. I have the pump basin and I have researched the pumps and have my eye on what I think will be an appropriate-sized effluent pump, but want to make sure I have the proper overview on this project before I go too far.

This pump will be pushing waste water (not toilet waste, just sink drainage, cellar floor drainage, etc.). My calculations estimate a total dynamic head of 11 feet. I'm expecting the system to be able to carry up to 3/4" solids, although I can't imagine I'd be flushing anything significant into the pump basin. This will be a bier fermentation cellar for my out-of-control home brewing hobby, so the discharge into the cellar drain (and therefore pump basin) will be mostly old yeast slurry, soapy water, grunge that I've cleaned from the fermenters, maybe an occasional hop cone, etc. Hardly anything solid really. My main concern at this point is how to hard-plumb the outgoing 1 1/2" ABS pipe into my sewer line. I know that I need to install a backflow preventer just above the pump, but can I just use a sweep connection and flow it right into a sink line from upstairs, or should I install some kind of vent as well? I thought I'd go all the way up to the ceiling of the cellar (approx. 7' from the cellar floor) and then tie into one of the ABS pipes coming from an upstairs sink. ...or should I tie in directly to the main 3" sewerline, which is only about 40" above my cellar floor???

This is for a small 10' x 10' cellar I built in the crawlspace beneath my home. Therefore, the sewer line exiting to the street is approximately 40" higher than the basin I'm installing in the slab floor. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.