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Thread: can't install shower hot/cold knob! wall tile issue

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    Default can't install shower hot/cold knob! wall tile issue


    So I am hoping for some advice. We had new tile installed in our shower (walls and floor).

    BUT when it was time to install the hot/cold shower knob it appears that the pipe comes too far out from the tile. The knob sticks out about 1/2 inch from the tile! I tried pushing back but there is no give.

    I think we will need to take out the tile and re-position the plumbing behind the wall (and then reinstall the tile). MY CONCERN is that there is very little room and the plumbing can't be moved much.

    Is this a huge problem or an easy fix? Any advice?

    Thank you

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    You could always add another layer of 1/2" backerboard behind the tiles...seems like an awful lot of work just for asthetics, unless I'm missing something.

    Good luck.


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