Well, after living in our new to us home for 6 months, we tired of the occasional water intrusion in the basement. When we first moved in a previous homeowner was well on his way to finishing 1/3 of the basement as a family room. Stud walls up, electrical boxes in place and some wire run, and to top it off he layed a plywood floor glued and screwed down. All of this was done without fixing the leaks in the basement poured foundation walls and floor.

So we had B-dry come in and install their "system". If you were every wondering what they do, the bury a plastic gutter looking chanel next to the footer of basement walls, hanging sheeting on basement walls, and then either direct the capture water into a sump pump, or gravity drain it out of your house.

We have gravity drain at our house. We also have a sump pump, which is not their primarily to remove water, it's their as part of their fancy fresh air system, where they suck air from the chanels they installed, air from the basement via a drain and blow it out of your house. The replaced air comes from upstairs.

Here are the pics....

First day's destruction