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Thread: Wall mounted lavatory faucest-good,bad,ugly?

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    Default Wall mounted lavatory faucest-good,bad,ugly?

    We are about to embark on a remodeling project which includes one kitchen and and 2 baths. Our contactor does not seem too keen on wall-mounted fixtures. There is one wall-mounted fixture we liked from looking through magazines. What are the pros and cons of a wall-mounted faucets? We want something that is timeless and not just the fad of the day. Any ideas/suggestion

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    If it pleases you and you like, don't let a contractor tell you other wise, just make sure it's a quality faucet and not something cheap, you get what you pay for.
    Plumber for 20+years

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the advice. Good to hear that from an experienced plumber. We have set aside money in our budget for good quality fixtures regardless, but we have seen wall-mounted faucets in some magazines and asked our contractor about them. He was trying to talk us out of it, but couldn't give us a clear reason. We we wondering if they were difficult to install, service, or replace.

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    Naturally they are more difficult to install. Purchase a major US brand. It will be very difficult in the future to replace this faucet; so you want one that will be reliable and that parts will be available for 15 years or more.

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    I've installed a few of the Kohler Falling Water faucets.
    They do take more thinking and work.

    Falling WaterŪ Wall-Mount Lavatory Faucet Trim with 8-1/4" Spout, Requires Valve

    Single Control Ceramic Valve Wall-mount
    There needs to be room in the wall to fit this.

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    Default Thanks, Terry!

    We've always found your website helpful (decided on a new toilet based on info here), even after moving out of Washington state.

    What has the customer and/or contractor feedback been like regarding wall mounted faucets? Are they just a fad that isn't worth the trouble?

    Thanks again!

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    Thumbs up

    I dont think the wall mounted faucets are a passing fad. They are here to stay and frankly alot of them look very nice and are of very good quality. I'm not sure why your contractor would try to talk you out of them unless he's not sure how to install them. Most aren't extremely difficult to install, however as Terry said, they do require a bit more thinking and work. If you like the wall mount, I say go for it. Just purchase a good quality name brand faucet from a manufacturer with a proven track record and enjoy!
    Good luck

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    Default Co-worker says wall-mounted faucets splash?

    My wife's boss just finished a high-end, total home remodel, including two bathroom. He installed a very expensive wall-mounted faucent and sink which apparently are "matched" each other. Despite being matched, they have a terrible time with water splashing out of the sink bowl, regardless of how much high they turn on the flow. According to my wife's boss, this is a big problem with wall-mounted sinks. If you don't match faucet to sink, you'll have splashing problems. If you don't position the faucet just right above the bowl, you'll have splashing problems. etc. etc.

    Have you heard of this? This was news to me. I really like the look of wall-mounted faucets and like the fact that they can open up counter space; however, I don't want to take a complete bath every time I wash my hands.

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    Easy solution.
    Tell him turn down the water pressure with the shut-off valves under the faucet and sink.
    Good luck!

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    Cool Deb

    I am VERY particular about the valves I bury in walls. I personally believe that wall mounts are a passing fad and not something that is "timeless".
    Tell us more about the valve that you have picked out. Why is your plumber not crazy about installing these valves? Part of what you pay your plumber for is their professional opinion. Many of these fancy-ass, foreign made, "designer" valves are just trouble.
    The Pipewench

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    Default Haven't really picked one out yet...

    Hi Deb,

    We haven't picked one out yet. We were just flipping through some home remodeling magazines and found a bathroom example that seemed to fit with what we had planned, and it appealed to us. It also happened to have a wall-mounted faucet. It looked nice, but we'd never seen one before and mentioned it to our contractor who was not too thrilled.

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    Default The Splashback

    Just a quick question for anyone who would know -- about the splash problem with wall mounted faucets. Can you just attach a diffuser to the spout? From the ones I've seen, they just screw into the end of most faucets. I guess the question is do all faucets have threads at the spout? I'm dying to do a remodel of our powder room and would love to do a wall mount on granite tile. Anyone have any experience with that? One picture I've seen showed the two tiles with the spout centered on the line between the two tiles with the handles to the right and left. I was thinking that would be easier for the granite cutting to put the spout in the center on the edges with two round holes on the corners.

    Mary Lou

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    WIth the right diamond coring drill bit, putting the holes anywhere they look good is fairly straighforward.
    Jim DeBruycker
    Important note - I'm not a pro
    Retired Defense Industry Engineer; Schluter 2.5-day Workshop Completed 2013, 2014

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    Default valve

    You mount the faucet where you want it and then the granite installers make the hole where it has to be.

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    I have problems with faucets splashing as well and it's not the faucet but the design of the basin.
    If you put a faucet and the aerator is pointed anywhere other than the drain you run the risk of the basin splashing.
    Same goes with Kitchen faucets as well, so to say a wall mount faucet will splash is not correct and was probably installed incorrect.
    I had a customer who bought a glass vessell bowl and a Jado Glance vessell faucet and when he turned it on it flowed down one side of the bowl and up and over the other side onto him and his floor.


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