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Thread: Do schedule 80 pvc sanitary tees exist?

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    Default Do schedule 80 pvc sanitary tees exist?

    I was looking at construction options for cost versus potential benefit. I would consider putting a little extra money into under slab plumbing for building a home if it would provide extra resistance to subsidence, thermal contraction, seismic vibration, etc. A neighbor had to cut through concrete to get to plumbing - it was pretty $ to fix.

    To get an idea of the cost difference, I tried to compare schedule 40 and schedule 80 sanitary tees. I did not find any of the schedule 80 tees on the internet or at HD. Is this because they don't exist? Any comments on finding the tees or tips on protecting under-slab plumbing are appreciated. My buddy insists that I need to pay for a basement for easy access to plumbing, but that's not a good option right now.

    Ralph D.

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    AFAIK there is no such thing as Sch80 SanTees...
    SanTees are a waste fitting and, as such, are not made heavier walled for pressure...

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    I've never used schedule 80 but have worked on it. If you do find it, it will be at a serious plumbing supplier and not at a box store. You might also shop the big pipe suppliers. There are several around Birmingham that I use.

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    not many places you will use a sanitary tee under a slab anyway.....

    just make sure the earth is tamped under the plumbing and there are no rocks, brick bats etc. in contact with the pipe....it will be fine....the manner in which the plumbing is installed will make more difference than anything else...tamp the soil bfore you run the plumbing, not after....then tamp it around the plumbing with your foot...I walked up on a gas station/restaraunt one time just as the concrete guys were fixing to run a tamper over my plumbing....and I've got a gazillion floor sinks at "just the right height"....you have got to watch out for all the little things like this if you're going to be doing this yourself....Don't take this the wrong way but if you're asking about sched 80 drainage fittings it makes your plumbing skills seem suspect...and under slab piping is no place for a DIY'er..............remember...The devil is in the details

    Good Luck
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    Default tees

    There are no schedule 80 sanitary fittings of any kind, because there is no way the internal pressures could need them, and schedule 80 pipe is smaller on the inside so you could not mate it to schedule 40 whenever you wanted to. Fittings break because of stress, so if you do not stress the system, you will not have any problems.

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    The only sanitary tee you would use underground would be on it's back for a vent. The rest is sweeping fittings.


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