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Thread: Installing water softener in basement

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    Default Installing water softener in basement

    I want to install a water softener in the basement of my house. It is a walk out basement. Home was built 7 years ago. There appears to be a rough in for a bath. I see 3 pipes coming from floor that are 1 and 1/2" diameter. They are about 18" tall, and come up next to wall. I see another pipe that seems to be 1 and 1/2" diameter, but is away from wall, and only a few inches from floor. There is another pipe that is 3" diameter, and a few inches tall. There is a floor drain about 8 feet away that drains my furnace. I would like to use one of the pipes running closest to the wall for my discharge from water softener. I am clueless as to what I need to do to make this possible. I could use the existing floor drain, but I would have to run the drain hose across the floor. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The water softener water lines need to be connected to where the water comes in the house but B4 it branches away to the house, but after where the hose bib connections are so you don't waste $$$ watering the lawn and flowers with soft water.

    Then you need to install a trap to the waste line somewhere and there must be a 2" air gap between the softeners discharge and the trap. Then you need an outlet for power or a good extension cord.

    The softner can be located anywhere and the lines run to it but is is best to locate it as close to the water sourse as possible and run the drain line to the trap.

    It sounds like you are on a slab. You need to find where the main shutoff is. Can you post some pixs of the piping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpru
    I want to install a water softener in the basement of my house. Any help would be appreciated.
    You would find and cut the main water line where it comes into the house in your basement and plumb the street/well side (after a meter if city water and after the pressure tank if your own well) to the inlet of the softener and the oultet of the softener to the house side. You probably can not feed the outside faucets hard water without replumbing them. That's because they usually are plumbed with tees feeding off lines to say a bathroom etc. well past the water line entrance to the house.

    The drain line can be run from the contol valve up to the ceiling and then sideways to any drain line or the main sewer line of your choice. Or into a utility sink, clothes washer drain etc.. To onnect to any house drain line you must make a trap (the washing machine has a trap) and you should make an air gap or buy one.

    I would not use the additional bathroom stub outs you have. The water lines are meant to flow TO that area, not from there backwards to the rest of the house and then you probably won't soften all the water to the house anyway.
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