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Thread: Help!!! Bursts of air in Faucet

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    Default Help!!! Bursts of air in Faucet

    My mother recently had her deck powerwashed and painted. Ever since, there has been bursts of air in her faucets and the toilet sounds like it's going to explode when flushed. She is on a well. Not sure what kind of holding tank. It was installed in the mid-70's if that helps.

    Any help greatly appreciated!


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    Is it a shallow well or deep well?

    The deck being power washed has nothing to do with causing the problem. It is just a coincidence.

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    I'm not sure how deep it is but I seem to recall that it wasn't a shallow well. I would hazard to guess about 180 ft

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    If they used the well water to power wash the deck, perhaps they ran the well dry, and she had never had the problem before because she didn't use that much water. Go to where the pressure tank is located and listen to what is going on when the well pump is on, you should be able to hear air being added to the tank if that is the problem.


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    Yeah, I have to believe that they are related. What would I do to remedy the problem?

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    It could be a coincidence too. Maybe he air release valve is bad.

    How about a picture?


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    First you must correctly identify the cause of the problem so you don't treat the symtom.

    What type of pressure tank does she have; air over water galvanzed or precharged captive air bladder? If galvanized, and it has an air volume control, that could be bad adding more air to the tank than it is supposed to which then escapes the tank into the water lines to the house. That will continue until the valve is replaced.

    If a bladder type, then more likely is the well was drawn down too far and the pump sucked air but... after an hour or so, the water level in the well would have recovered and there should be no more air in the water problem as soon as she flushed the air out of the lines. If they used a lot of water to rinse/wash/rinse the deck, and pulled the water level down to the pump inlet, then possibly there isn't as much water in the well now as there was before the well may not be recovering as it did before), or something could be wrong in the well. Like a two line deep well jet pump leaking suction line (sucks air).
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