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Thread: Having problems with water and gas pipes.

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    Default Having problems with water and gas pipes.

    Hi my name is Kevin and I live in Sparks Nevada, that is right next to Reno. Any way I live in a home that was built in the 50s, and it sits on a Slab. The pipes both Gas and Water are in the slab, not under it. The problems that I am having is that my outside faucets are worn out and I guess they do not make parts for them any more. I have been told the only way to fix it is to break through the slab in the house where the faucet is sweated on the pipe and undo it there and put a new modern end on. That is problem one.
    My next problem is worse. About a week ago we started smelling gas in the house, the gas co came out and shut off the gas and a plumber came out and did a leak test and told us that the leak was somewhere in the slab and that we would have to re-rout the pipes through the attic. Has any one ever done this or even heard of this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've been involved in many instances of leaking pipes in slabs. It's a bummer, no matter how you slice it. I concur that you will probably need to abandon the existing gas line and just route a new one as able. Water leaks are a little easier to find in the slab.

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    Default water

    If it is a frost resistant hose faucet, then the only way to replace it is to open the wall where it is connected. Gas lines in, or under, a concrete slab have been prohibited for many years, unless they were installed to very strict standards. Your best choice is to do it overhead.

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    Default Re-rout gas line

    I guess I will find out, but my dad was wondering how they do it because they only have about four feet of head room to work with in the attic and the walls are 8 to 10 ft. Do they have to cut a hole in the wall from the floor to the ceiling to do it or do they feed from up in the attic. My dad does not see how they could feed from the attic because you can not stand up the pipe do to lack of room. Do you guys have any idea how this works?

    Thanks for the quick replies,

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    Default Gas pipe in the attic

    The new plastic pipe the gas companys install will go in just fine , they come in a coil and go in like romex wirw, call your gas company and have a proffosnial do the job


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