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Thread: Zoeller Home Guard Water Powered Pump Illegal?

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    Default Zoeller Home Guard Water Powered Pump Illegal?

    My father is a bit neurotic and paranoid when it comes to water infilatration and leaks throughout his house. I have fond memories as a boy of a Christmas Story like fight between he and the sump pump during a vicious thunder storm, pleading for the power to not go out. Since those days he has installed a backup sump (in case something were to go wrong with the main one), and a battery backup to run a 3rd smaller sump if the power goes out.

    When I purchased a home and started doing a lot of renovations, I started to learn a lot about what he can do to prevent issues. I suggested a "water cop" to prevent major damage in the event of a burst pipe or major leak. Sadly the washing machine exploded a week or two after I suggested it before it was ever purchase.

    Now I have suggested the Zoeller Home Guard backup water driven sump system. He talked to his plumber who told them that in their municipality, the pump is illegal due to backflow violations. Now I don't really understand this. It would seem the city should say, "This pump is illegal when installed in this manner, but if a quality check valve is installed, it is fine."

    Does this sound like garbage from the city, garbage from the plumber, or is this something that others have seen?

    I suggested a nat. gas generator too, let's see if that one goes through?

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    You would need a backflow preventer, not a check valve, which would be very expensive and would need yearly checks.

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    Sorry for my terminology mixup, I was thinking backflow preventer. This isn't in The Nati, but it northern OH, rural Cleveland area.

    So given the proper backflow preventer valve, should this not be legal?

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    The Homegaurd has a backflow preventer installed onto the automatic valve of the system!


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