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Thread: What Material for Sleeve Through Brick?

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    Default What Material for Sleeve Through Brick?

    I need to run copper water supply pipes through a brick wall that is 10" thick. I want to bore a large enough hole to allow for a sleeve/conduit through which the copper pipe will run. What should this sleeve be made of? The next size copper pipe, or something harder, like iron pipe?

    Seems like a copper sleeve could be warped if the surrounding brick cracked or moved. If I used iron, wouldn't I need an insulator between the dissimilar metals?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default pipe

    If the wall moves enough to warp a piece of copper pipe, you have a bigger problem than what to use for a sleeve. PVC or ABS would give the protection without damaging the copper.

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    Default Mortar is acidic

    If you are going to be doing anything with mortar to fill the hole after the pipe is run, realize that it is somewhat acidic and can corode the copper running through. Even using something like a thick cardboard cylinder (like a thick TP role almost) will protect the copper, but PVC or ABS within a rigid paper tube would be great.

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    Default Thanks!

    PVC was my first thought, but I wasn't sure if it was rugged enough. Thanks to you both for your advice!

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    Might want to consider buying some 10mil tape and putting a couple or three layers on the pipe - that should be sufficient...


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