I just gradeded the DWV under the half of the house that is receiving a major remodel. Apparently the main stack wasn't set deep enough originally to accomodate the all the necessary DWV bends for the toilet about 30' from the stack. Parts of the original run were graded level or negative. (Gotta love tract homes!) So now I have less headroom for grading the drain for the toilet. The toilet is aligned with the floor joists so if I can vent into the wall directly behind the toilet, then I set my closet ell between the joists rather than below them, and have enough space to grade the drain properly. The problem is there is a foundation pier wall directly under the bathroom wall, and I can't get the 3x3x2 90 to sit directly under the bathroom wall in order to vent straight up.

Is it okay to use a 2" street 90 in the 3x3x2 90 to jog the distance from the edge of the pier wall to the center of the bathroom wall? It doesn't look like I'd have enough distance to use 2" 45s.

Something I might try is using a plain 3" long throw 90 and direct that into a 3" wye that I'd use for a cleanout. I'll have to visit HD to see if that buys me any vertical space. If it does then I might be able to use 45s in the vent.