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    Default depth of pump

    Hello all My well pump went out and I am installing a new 1 I pulled the old one up and out but like an idiot through out the old galvinized pipe without measuring it. I think it was about 110' feet. How far from the bottom of the well should it sit?
    any help would be great


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    I always set every pump at no less that 10 foot and no more than 15 foot from the bottom. Other people may give other suggestions, but this is what Ive always used.

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    You've probably put the new pump in already... here's what I would have said yesterday. You can measure the well depth. IMO galvanized is not a good choice because it is hard to work with and can cause water quality problems. I'd use one piece of 160 or 200 psi rated PE pipe and double oppose clamp the two insert fittings; one on each end. That's two SS hose clamps 180 degrees opposed from each other on each fitting.
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