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Thread: Hot water recirculation question

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    I'm a licensed plumber in Texas. I am doing a top-out on a 2 story residence that calls for a recirculation loop. When we did the rough in, we ran the return line under the slab. My question is, since this is house has a second story bathroom, should I continue the return line from under the slab all the way around the second story bathroom and then return the the water heater (in attic). Or, should I sent my first floor return to the heater alone and run a new loop with an individual return for the second floor? Or does it matter as long as I put check valves in on each return before the pump? All help is much appreciated.

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    If you put a circulation line under the slab, then it connects to the farthest end of the hot water piping at one end, (namely the second floor), and the water heater at the other. If you were to install another line for the second floor, which would be overkill, you would also have to install balancing cocks to insure that both systems circulated equally.

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    So, Ideally, the line will start at the water heater (in attic) go downstairs and under slab, loop around all first floor fixtures, then move upstairs, loop around all upstairs fixtures, then return to the water heater and enter via a recirculating pump into the drain. Is this correct? Thanks


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